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Juanita y los Feos

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Juanita y Los Feos are my new favorite band for the remainder of the day. Check out their myspace page for some crazy trashy rock and roll en Espanol. They sound a bit like the Bags, Lost Sounds, and sweet vegetarian paella booty shakin’.

I’ll Take Punctuality

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That’s the Perfect Attendance award and the Punctuality award. I got those at Rushmore. I thought you could choose which one you like more and you could wear that one and I could wear the other.

Kasenatz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus "Quick Joey Small"

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This humdinger wormed it’s way into my consciousness through some long lost bubblegum comp tape a lass made to educate me/ drive further towards madness. The hook is absolutely ridiculously catchy. This is homemade video, but the YouTube comments are sheer joy:
Great to see two guys posting comments to this excellent track and vid from Stoke-on-Trent. I am also from there, and used to dance to this when i was a mod and a skinhead at the Top Rank as well. All the best to you guys. Also thanks for posting this cosycorp…. from Steve….” – I could just imagine a roomful of cute and orthodonically-challenged skins and mods singing this at the top of their voices.
“used to own this before it got knicked at one one of them parties,you kno the type i mean!” – Hell yes i do! I would have knicked this blighter as well, mate.

(Apparently Elton John also recorded this song. I hate Elton John.)
PS. Terribly lazy band name. Vanilla Fudge, Strawberry Alarm Clock, uh Kasenetz-Katz Super Circus (? i thought they were called Singing Orchestral Circus which also don’t have much of a ring to it, do it?) And they sure don’t make record covers like this anymore- thankfully. The cynical money grab artwork is off-putting and belies a genuinely fun record.

no haggling, please

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Suspended animation Arnold

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Gene Tierney

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The Shangra-las "Give Him a Great Big Kiss"

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“Leader of the Pack” was their #1 hit (November 1964), but I prefer this ripper, which I discovered through the cover version by the incomparable Johnny Thunders. This song and “The Train from Kansas City” are to be played at my funeral.
I was always more attracted to the Shangri-las because they just seemed tougher than the more polished girl groups of Motown, etc. but their image was probably bullshit staged to go along with the imagery envoked by “Leader of the Pack”. They were from Queens, though…
Mary Weiss, the smile sneering frontwoman of the Shangri-las, still plays shows in more civilized and germane parts of the world like Mallora, Spain and mostly around her hometown. (I feel myself unworthy of becoming one of her 12000+ myspace friends.)
“He’s good-bad, but not evil” would be a fitting epitaph for me as well. Grind a cigarette into my grave with a stiletto heel.

Preacher, Court Square, Memphis. (1973)

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via Bomb Magazine

detail of map of Phoenix, 1885

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The Carter Family "Wildwood Flower"

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