Ginger kid Johnny Whitaker crashes into bizarro world via rift in nonsense continuum (B/W Jodie friggin’ Foster)

“Actors Jodie Foster and Johnny Whitaker presenting painting to Mark Twain Junior High school students in Venice, Calif., 1973”
NAMESAKE–Debra Brown, center, student president of Mark Twain Junior High, accepts painting of school’s namesake from Jodie Foster and Johnny Whitaker, right, stars of film “Tom Sawyer.”

Johnny Whitaker was on TV’s “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters”, “Family Affair” and of course, “Tom Sawyer” the musical adaptation funded by Reader’s Digest with Ms. Foster as Becky Thatcher, then had the good sense to disappear forever before he turned 18.

PS. Today I learned that Jodie Foster was on KUNG FU for one episode and a voice on “The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan” cartoon!

PPS. The singer, Ron Dante, who “fronted” the legendary bubblegum fauxband The Archies also sang for the Chan Clan. American hero status achieved.

via UCLA Library’s “Changing Times” archive


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