Little Golden Book "Mister Dog"

Mr. Dog- The Dog Who Belonged to Himself (1952) by Margaret Wise Brown (who also wrote Goodnight Moon), sublime illustrations by Garth Williams, who also penned drawings for EB White’s Charlotte’s Web.

Talk about controversial children’s lit subject matter: an anthropomorphic smoking bon vivant dog asks a young boy to come live with him. The lad accepts. No Amber Alert is issued.

Read this and many other delightful vintage Golden Books at Antique Book Library


2 Responses to “Little Golden Book "Mister Dog"”

  1. Panthera Atrox Says:

    This was an charming book with a cute twist of a dog adopting a boy rather than the other way around. No need for an "Amber Alert" for something silly like this.It was my fave as a kid.

  2. My point exactly. These days, someone would probably sue, declaring that it promotes trusting smoking dogs or some such nonsense. Let kids have imaginations!

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