the joy of iPod shuffle

My iPod is a disorganized mess, but sometimes shuffle hits a sweet spot and churns out perfect song after perfect song to meet one’s mood. This morning playlist so far is a case in point:

Necros- Reject
Turbonegro- Reggare are a bunch of motherfuckers
(wow, that opening riff!)
Honor Role- War (a neglected hardcore gem of a band)
The Smiths – Barbarism Begins at Home (hmm, ipod seems to want to change my mood now…)
The Sweet- Santa Monica Sunshine (my foot is tapping and I’m imagining driving on the PCH in a Karmann Ghia with the top down)
Helmettes- I don’t care what people say (super snotty punk rock with an accent)
Void- War Hero (man, my coffee caffeine fix is kicking in– “my friends are afraid of being drafted, afraid to die, don’t ask me why… i want to go because i want to die)
Hated- Police on my back (so so catchy, crap this song is going to be in my head all day…)
Morrissey- In the Future When All’s Well (quite a contrast from the flippant nihilism of Void, Morrissey comes through with a hopeful anthem of dreaming of when love and appreciation will matter?)
Dow Jones and the Industrials- Can’t Stand the Midwest (another song I will have to pry out of my brain with a knitting needle…)
Zero Boys- She Said Goodbye (Jesus, iPod, this is song is so ridiculously catchy that I will wake up at 3 am singing this one. Wouldn’t be the first time…)
The Clash- I’m Not Down(full disclosure- I only like a few Clash songs. I think as a whole they are profoundly overrated. I know this borders on heresy, but I stand by this statement. This is one of the songs I like)
Social Distortion- Telling Them (this instantly takes me back to seeing “Another State of Mind” on Night Flight 20 years ago and beginning my lifelong enthrallment with punk rock…)

When I have a spare second, i will create a Sendspace link for these songs so you can dig on it.


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