Void "War Hero" lyrics update

Goddamn, Void is a true mess of a masterpiece. These lyrics don’t seem to have been translated anywhere. I’ve listened to this song a billion times and can only kinda sorta figure them out. I love this absolutely nihilist and angry band.

Give me a gun cause I know how to shoot
Give me my grenades, let me go soon
I don’t want to miss anymore (?) I already got my boots

Fuck, this shit, man, (?)I just want to kill

I want to die in a war!
My friends are afraid of being drafted
They’re afraid to die, don’t ask me why
They burn their cards and make their mommies cry
I want to go because I want to die
I want to die in a war!



One Response to “Void "War Hero" lyrics update”

  1. "Fuck discipline man, I just wanna kill"

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