Radio Birdman from 1978

File Radio Birdman under “before there was a template and orthodoxy” for punk. RB were much more musically talented than the majority of early punk bands, yet I can hardly think of a cooler band in my eyes. Australian and Kiwi punk from this era leaned towards a very catchy mix of surf, punk, and Rose Tattoo to create a delightful vegemite. These dudes are/were smarter than the average kids, which is exactly what has always attracted me to punk. I would hang myself to see this band in Australia in 1978. As one YouTube commentor asserts, “I DARE ANYONE TO POST A BETTER CLIP ON YOUTUBE THAN THIS!”

Again, great intelligent interview responses here, “I like to get myself into a state where i’m not aware of what i do at all, yet somehow i get it all out…how about that?”

Fuck, this rules.


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