Mike Ditka "raps" in "The Grabowski Shuffle"

Here come the Grabowskis, baby
don’t do nothing halfway
don’t believe in maybe, no no

Da Coach released this 1987 ultraturd in a cynical cash grab for the residual interest in vaguely-professional-football-themed quasi-rap sparked by “The Superbowl Shuffle”. Middle Era Ditka sings (and dances!!!!) the praises of the hardworkin’ and hard-drinkin’ working class stiffs of all stripes. Sub public access level video quality and Ditka’s arhythmic jerking dance style make this a perennial favorite from the fuzzy childhood memory vault. Through the magic of the internet, this embarassing moment will outlive the nuclear holocaust and cockroaches.

To all of you hardworkin’ and hard drinkin’ music video producers out there, this glittershit went platinum at $19.95 a pop.


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