Eddie Cantor with dames (1954)

Comedian Eddie Cantor (born Israel Iskowitz (!!!) ) began his career as a blackface vaudeville performer and radio performer in the nacent days of that medium. He went by the colorful (heh) nicknames “Banjo Eyes” and “the Apostle of Pep” later in his career and was a big deal for 40 years- though he is now largely forgotten. Canton was a multimillionaire due to his radio stardom, but was ruined by the Great Depression. He wrote a few lighthearted books about his demise to scratch and claw his way out of the gutter and remade his fortune in some awful movies- The movie version of his life, The Eddie Cantor Story, is unwatchable garbage- and another new medium, television. Cantor career was almost ruined in the rampantly anti-Communist late 30s when he was a founding member of the HANL- the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League. (link goes to FBI FOIA documents about the HANL)

FYI, I like the gal with the neckerchief in the center.


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