Wille zur Macht meets Willy Loman (1922)

above: the logo of the National Salesman Training Association.
from “The Art and Science of Selling: Personal Efficiency in Selling” published in 1922. Found on Antique Books.

The gist of this little tract is that stick-to-it-iveness, positive attitude, and good ol’ American gumption is the key to sales success. HoweverI can’t help but marvel at the Nietzchean Wille zur Macht undercurrent throughout, a refreshingly throwback- in stark cigar-smoke-and-gin-and-tonic-stained contrast to the New Age sales granola-crunch espoused today. Wille zur Macht meets Willy Loman.

“(W)hip your will in line with what your mind tells you is the right standard for you to attain”
“let nothing keep you from your goal”
“it is your duty to improve yourself from day to day”
” “You will get self-confidence and a conquering spirit if you always do your duty”
“”I know and I know I know is the attitude of the positive mind.”


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