University of Chicago footballer Burt Gale

from the Chicago Daily News archives section of the Library of Congress’s American Memory collection

Above: University of Chicago footballer Burt Gale as photographed in 1903 and 1906. That 1906 sweater is as badass as badass comes; any football sweater from that era should be- the previous year 17 men and 1 woman died playing the brutal pre-leather helmet game.

Gale played in the first Game of the Century against Michigan. The Maroons defeated the Wolverines and this is the gloating ditty Chicago fans sang as they tore down the goal posts:

We have reached the day of turkey and wine,
And we have been winners every time
Here stands undimmed one happy day,
For all our foes have passed away.

O varsity! dear varsity!
We are champions now it’s plain to see,
We have won our games, and now can brag;
And give all praise to Mr. Stagg.
We are the wearers of the “C,”
And just as happy as can be…

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