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Rose Bowl ticket seekers (1951)

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Rose Bowl ticket seekers, in December 1951. The fellows in this photo rock a badass mix of casual and formal (note wingtips with rolled up jeans, righteous pea coats and leather jackets, etc.) The first national television audience for a college football game saw Illinois clobber Stanford 40-7 in the Grandaddy of Them All (TM) (C) (R) etc

Murderous Mother (1952)

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“Overdose of sleeping pills, 31 March 1952. Esther Kirsch (nurse); Jonathan Pinne — 7 years (his mother gave him sleeping pills intending to murder him); Mrs. Elizabeth Pinne — 31 years (suspicion of murder attempt); Detective V.W. French”

Hollywood Stars uniform shorts (1950)

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Manager Fred Haney models the correct uniform worn by the Hollywood Stars in 1950. The Pacific Coast League’s Hollywood Stars “innovated” the wearing of shorts as part of their on-field uniforms, long before the much maligned experiment of my beloved White Sox in 1976. As both the Stars and Sox discovered, shorts while lighterweight and more comfortable and damn sexy, were not ideally designed to slide into third base in. The shorts for both teams were folded in short order.

Rest in the West! (1947)

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Rock Island Lines print ad from 1947. I love the idealized image of Arizona from the Forties and Fifties. Arizona grew tremendously as a tourist destination and experienced a huge population boom after World War II, primarily with the introduction of air conditioning to the Valley of the Sun. The population of Phoenix grew 50% in the Forties.

Simpsons Sears Catalog (1957)

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Snapped from the Simpsons- Sears catalog, 1957, generously shared by Flickr user Wishbook. I really dig the Hawks sweater and I would definitely take advantage of the complete set savings for toque, sweater, and stockings. The lad models were obviously not enforcers- they are far too pretty. I’m tempted to export this into Microsoft Paint to add some Frankenstein facial scars.
Simpsons-Sears also had a great logo in the Fifties, according to Wikipedia.

wrong uniform: Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in football jerseys (1927)

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Babe Ruth in a Notre Dame jersey and Lou Gehrig in USC jersey in promo shot for Irish/ Trojans game at Soldier Field in Chicago, 1927.

the varsity jacket: Mergenthaler Vocational- Technical High School (1954)

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“Students sitting outside with school jackets on, at Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School” from Life Magazine, 1954
The students model three, count ’em, THREE different varsity jackets. I prefer the “Mervo” model.

Sear and Roebuck Bicycles catalog cover (1914)

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Check out the whole catalog here.

We Destroy the Family (1982)

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YouTube poster’s comments:

“I think LA’s KABC won some award with this short documentary on how punk rock is destroying families — somehow missing the point that family dysfunction is the culprit, not Lee Ving. Nice shots of a Fear concert. This ran as a week-long 5-part special report on the KABC-TV news, and then ran alone late one night as an expanded special.”

Lee Ving of Fear is his charming self as he rattles off what his lyrics are about in his staccato rat-a-tat.

Ralph Bunche- Air Nobel Peace Prize (1927)

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Future Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralph Bunche models Chucks and shorty shorts in this photograph. The photo says ca. 1931, however Bunche graduated from UCLA in 1927- so this photo is either from then or from his later scholarly pursuits at Harvard. Bunche was an all around athlete at UCLA before moving on to help write the UN charter and broker peace in the Middle East, for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950. Below, Bunche at far right rocks a cool letterman sweater at Harvard. I’m guessing that C stands for California?