Punk in Boise, Idaho (1985)

A “trip into Boise’s cosmic counterculture” unfortunately entitled “Pretty in Punk”. The narrator asserts the dubious claim that there are “at least a couple hundred people” in Boise who describe themselves as punk. Man, I miss the feeling of a community of outcasts embodied by punk. There seem to be a lot fewer outcasts these days. Every community has a message board, website, Facebook page and real face to face interaction is no longer integral, let alone the visceral high of “slamdancing” with your closest friends. It’s quaint and a bit refreshing to hear anything described as “shocking and controversial”. I got the shit kicked out of me in suburban Chicago in the late 80s, so these kids must have been brave as hell. I’m getting old.

“You don’t have to be afraid of these youngsters!”- even the square as heck adults seem pretty tolerant and understanding.
via the outstanding Ten Things blog


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