Hollywood High School (1905 and 1907)

The 1905 Hollywood High School football team. Hollywood High was only 2 years old in 1905, Interesting how protective gear focused on leg protection, rather than oh, I don’t know, the head. The lad to the far left in the first row seems to have invested in elbow protections as well. I dig the shoulder detail on his sweater. I’m guessing the wicker jug in the foreground was just water? Perhaps there’s some more significance there, maybe it’s a trophy a la the Territorial Cup or Old Oaken Bucket.

The 1907 basketball team. Legendary automobile designer Harley Earl went to HHS around this time, but he would have been a Freshman in ’07 as he was born in 1893. Could he possibly be the seated 5 in the center (haha) right of the photo?


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