the future is in POCKET CALCULATORS! (1970)

“SMALL CALCULATOR–Robert Anderson, president of American Rockwell Corp.,
displays a small calculator, reduced in size from the older desk-top models. The
calculator uses circuits produced by North American Rockwell Microelectronics
Co.; formerly the commercial products unit of the Autonetics Division” 1970

Wait, what calculu- oh, that GIANT HULKING MASS he’s holding in his hand! You mean that miniscule object is capable of adding and subtracting figures? Brave new world indeed. “Microelectronics” bwhahaha

“CALCULATORS, ANYONE?–Martha Jordan, left, and Mae Westbrook, owners of the Electronic Emporium in West Hollywood, which specializes in calculators, display some of the 43 models on sale in their shop. Hand-held calculators are now a $600-million-a-year business in the United States.”

September 29, 1974


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