Pirate Queen of Orange County Fair (1961)

click to embiggen to observe these lovely pirate maidens’ smiles.

By my good eye, thar be a bevey of comely lasses! And no peglegs have they, only leagues and leagues of shapely gams!

“Velda Boyd, 18, Miss Santa Ana, chosen as Pirate Queen of Orange County Fair. Princesses to reign with her are: Karen Foster, 18, Miss Newport Harbor, and Garland L. Grimsley, 18, Miss La Habra.”

July 12, 1961


3 Responses to “Pirate Queen of Orange County Fair (1961)”

  1. chef-renee Says:

    What's the story here? I am researching Orange County Fair Queens can you offer any notes on these women?

  2. That's all i've got! Grabbed it from the LA Times photo archives and I added the captions. Let me know what you find!

  3. Marion Davis Says:

    I am a former Miss Huntington Beach and won Miss Orange county fair in 1973. I am also researching former Miss Orange County fair queens. Please let me know if you find any information.

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