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MK Ultra live in Naperville, IL about 12 years ago

Posted in former bands on June 30, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

This photo was from an in-store show at Record Breakers in Naperville. I want to say this was from 1996 or 1997? I think we played with Billy Builders and Charles Bronson- but I can barely remember this.

Remember the Dead

Posted in ephemera, history, vanishing America on June 30, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Inspired by an old country song that talked about flowers of stone on one’s grave, I searched around for funeral arts stuff. I found this creepy old pamphlet cover advertising the wares of the Goodwin Marble and Granit Works company from the late 19th century.
Click to embiggen to see the granite roses.
It seems that Accidental Mysteries is also mementoing the mori today. I guess the end of the fiscal year brings out the melancholy in us all. pfff.

photo analysis confirmation

Posted in our other endeavors on June 29, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Using Bladerunner future shock photo analysis technology, this ace reporter is now able to confirm that Josh Rodriguez is in fact lurking in the background of the photo below.

Further analysis has produced some leads as to the residence of Tondra, the spurned woman in the Shakespearean”Sex Decoys” teleplay. Tondra, if you are reading this, I would never fall for feather boa’d fetching wiles of those decoy skanks. I would gladly “respect our relationship” and would never “be touching her like that”. And babydoll, I would never ever cheat on you “like a billion times”. You do deserve a lot better.

Did The OSS’s guitar virtuoso Josh Rodriguez appear as a shadowy guest star on the Fox Reality channel’s schaudenfreude exhibition "Sex Decoy"?

Posted in our other endeavors on June 26, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Internet rumor has it that the shadowy figure lurking outside of the Trunkspace in the background of this shot from Fox Realty Channel’s “Sex Decoy” is none other than Josh Rodriguez of The OSS infamy.
Josh was not available at this time to comment.

Friday feelgood song of the week: "Happy Jack" by the Who (1967)

Posted in Anglophilia, Friday feel good songs, playlist on June 26, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

If you’re not a Who fan or a fan of good music in general, you might recognize this song from an awful Hummer commercial.

Dio has a throne with skulls and fire and I think demon eyes floating in space

Posted in how much art can you take? on June 25, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

X-men t-shirt offer (1965)

Posted in Sixties, t-shirts, youth culture on June 24, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Charles Xavier claims that “the whole country is going t-shirt wild!”

That shirt is UNCANNY! I dig the original X-Men in their original costumes. I wonder if Marvel is still at 625 Madison Ave and if they still have any of those tees somewhere?