The O.S.S. regrets to inform you that our first public performance is hereby redacted and cancelled

No one reads this yet, but start here when The O.S.S. is a big hit amongst the pseudointellectual know-it-alls in your odious too-old-to-still-be-called-Youth crew.

The O.S.S. got off to a great start today for realz when we had to cancel our first show. Josh will go to great lengths to avoid appearing in public, even so far as to drain his own blood to dangerously low levels. Fortunately, he cheated death yet again and is making a full recovery. His hospital stay left us woefully unprepared to present the high quality entertainment experience you expect from a new band of veteran punk rocker like us.

We therefore ask for a full pardon from no one in particular who may or may not have been expecting us to knock their argyle socks off this evening. However, it is important to manage first impressions. Your first impression of us is accurate- we are fuck ups.


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