The Socialist Primer: First Lessons in Socialism for Children by Nicholas Klein (1908)

This was a tough little book to find. It has been on my “I want to read this” list for some time now, and I have only been able to find excerpts on Google books- and these came from a journal criticizing the Primer for instilling “class hatred”. It has been unavailable on Amazon for as long as I have had an account there and the library world catalog says there are only 7 copies in libraries in the United States. This primer was written in the days before a 40 hour work week, the weekend, child labor laws, or any kind of mandated safety measures.

Delightful drawings by Ryan Walker- who I also found out through Google Books, was formerly a cartoonist for the Kansas City Times and St. Louis Republic before joining Eugene Debs’ “Appeal to Reson” Socialist newspaper. Google Books is awesome- especially the clip feature, which allowed by to embed these grabs with one click!

Click to embiggen and print to share with the kiddies tonight!


One Response to “The Socialist Primer: First Lessons in Socialism for Children by Nicholas Klein (1908)”

  1. Check out Bengough's Primer, which teaches the ideas of Henry George, commonly known as the Single Tax.J. W. Bengough was a Canadian cartoonist.Georgism teaches that land and nature should belong to all of us, but improvements on land are rightly private. A "third way" which still has much to commend it.

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