pigtails fad (1940s)

Judy Canova- read more about her on the always fascinating I’m Learning to Share

Pigtails on Shirley Slade, pilot trainee (1943)

Co-ed Lenore Tingle from Life Magazine archives.

Pigtails on a felt bonnet on a comely young lass.

Actress Joan Fontaine (1942) meooowrrr- how natural and cute is her smile? And the perfect amount of sun-kissed freckles!

Co-ed Ann Teal Smith (1941) Hubba hubba!

This last dame? Some skirt named Norma Jean Baker.
I stumbled upon the pigtails trend whilst wasting hours on the Life Magazine image archives on Google. It seems that country singer Judy Canova was the originator of the trend. Her “country” look clearly influence the look of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (1939)
It seems odd that such a cute and practical look inspired such a trend, but considering the complicated hair-dos of the late Thirties and Forties, pigtails must have seemed like a godsend. I’ve always had a thing for pigtails.


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