The OSS and the clothing-optional demonstration recording session

Your correspondent.

Dirty Dan and Carson


Carson after laying down drum tracks.

July in the burning brazier known as the Valley of the Sun, also know as metropolitan Phoenix, is a test of wills and endurance like no other. As the mercury hit 114 degrees yesterday, we in The OSS tested our mettle against the pagan elements and were not found lacking. The temperature within the black metal stronghold of Arcane Digital studio held steady at the beginning of the recording session at a comfortable 70something degrees, but as the sun lazed towards its 3 o’clock position in the Western sky, the mercury began to rise and shirts were shed. At the end of the session, temps outdoors were slightly cooler than those indoors as the interior of the garage cum studio could not withstand our blazing hot licks, fills, and glass-shattering vocal tremolos. The resulting product is yet to be mixed, but exceeded all participants’ expectations. More to come.

PS. Since Josh was the photographer for this session, photos of him are suspiciously absent. Here is a reasonable facsimile.


One Response to “The OSS and the clothing-optional demonstration recording session”

  1. "Frank as a coke dealer" or as I like to call it, Frank as Randy Spears. Now get inside and rev up.

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