Friday feelgood song of the week: "One Way Love" by EG Daily (1985)

Thought this song was called “Better Off Dead” since that’s how the chorus goes and it’s from the movie Better Off Dead (1985). EG Daily was in some heavy hitting 80s flicks in addition to Better Off Dead- try Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Valley Girl- but she was pretty selective for the most part. Then her voice over career really took off when she supplied the voice for Babe the Pig and Tommy Pickles in Rugrats.

I love her classic scene in Better Off Dead- it doesn’t get much more 80s than this. Check out this rad fan created video.

I was much more partial to Diane Franklin, who played Monique in Better Off Dead. I’ve had a gigantic crush on her since she played Karen in “The Last American Vigin” (1982- she shows her boobs in that one) No lightweight herself, Diane was in BOD, LAV, fucking Terrorvision (an awful cult classic “horror” movie) but was also in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


2 Responses to “Friday feelgood song of the week: "One Way Love" by EG Daily (1985)”

  1. orange slice Says:

    "he put his testicles all over me."hmmm…didn't know dottie was also babe the pig.

  2. hahahatentacles! froonch fries

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