scott hocking photographed as Detroit crumbled

Photographer Scoot Hocking captured these haunting and hopeful images of American capitalism’s first suicide city, Detroit, over the course of 10 years. In this humbe observer’s opinion, Detroit serves as the canary in the coalmine of what is to come for more cities in the American West. Is this the future for Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc etc?


One Response to “scott hocking photographed as Detroit crumbled”

  1. skullfirst Says:

    More and more mecca is dissolving in this way. Try hitting google on "urban exploration" some time. You'll find tons of exceptional photography of various cities internally bleeding to death. I too hope PHX will come to this eventually, but because we have so much undeveloped land out here we keep growing out and out. Like a malignant tumor of some kind. I did break into one abandoned building downtown however. I'm not gonna say witch online, but I got some great photos. I also found a half-read newspaper printed the year before I was born. It was Prophetic because the headline read:'Cardnals Not Likely To Make Playoffs.'

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