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Southwest Airlines uniforms (1981)

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Loving you is what we do! The lovely ladies above can love me all they want. I love latently sexist single entendre of ads from this era. The tag line might as well be “you’ll probably get laid your flight.” I’m definitely digging the short shorts, go-go boots and string ties on these ladies! Beats the heck out of their plain jane “uniforms” now- or is that Plane Jane? Get it?! I’m brilliant.

The OSS Punks on the New Times facespace blogospheres and Tweeterings

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“Opening up the night was a great new punk band in the Phoenix music scene. The OSS Punks featuring Select Shows promoter Joshua Rodriguez as well as several heavy-hitters such as Dirty Dan from George Moshington and John Q, kept the crowd warm and toasty with their simply composed yet intricately catchy guitar riffs. Lead vocalist Frank Hanney delivered powerfully as the growing crowd provided evidence that this band has got some serious attention coming their way. Highly entertaining and refreshingly ambitious, OSS Punks definitely helped set the tone for the night”

one correction: we are not ambitious

OSS Declares Second Victory

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Thanks to all who came out last night. Your presence was treasured.

Friday feelgood song of the week: "Teenage Riot (live)" by Sonic Youth (1991)

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This footage is from that “1991: the year punk broke (SIC)” movie. This is my favorite song to play drums to on Rock Band II- what a funny world we live in.


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Kind of don’t know what to say here.

don’t transfer now!

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Dear selfish 4F asshole,
You arrogant prick. We’re up to our peckers in some Godforsaken hellhole in the South Pacific and you have the brass ones to request a fucking TRANSFER? Oh I’m so sorry that you’d prefer to work in Accounts Receivable rather than Accounts Payable. FUCK YOU! And what’s that? You’d really rather work in Des Moines than boring old Peoria? Oh I’ll weep bitter tears over you plight as I cool my heels here in sunny Bataan. I’ll just dry my tears with these bits of my buddy’s brains that sprayed all over my filthy uniform. DIE, panty waist.

MK Ultra discography update redux

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“MK-ULTRA “Discography” 2 x LP’s on clear are nearly sold out. A 3rd and perhaps final press of 170 copies on black vinyl will be for sale at their show in Chicago on October 3rd along with limited edition shirts. If you haven’t purchased advance tickets now you are advised to do so. “