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Friday feelgood song of the week: "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath

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What is this that stands before me?
How can you not get chills hearing the tritone or Diabolus in Musica played by necromancer Tony Iommi? Perfect Devil’s Night music.

MK Ultra reunion photos

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My bud Jenn Leis has posted some artsy undt fartsy photos of the MK Ultra reunion show in Chicago earlier this month here

There is inexplicably yet another new band called MK Ultra (there are several before and after us, I guess. We received a nice cease and desist letter from John Vanderslice years ago and complied mostly) We’re not responsibly for their dumbass graffiti.

The reunion show was very successful, blah blah blah

Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra "Some Velvet Morning"

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Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood
by scootaway

you know what? this week has sucked. how abouta real feel bad song.

Elizabeth Ann Hanney (1930-2009)

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My grandma was a stubborn old kraut who never complained about a damn thing no matter how tough things got. She demanded hard work and honesty- I’m still working on learning those simple lessons. I will miss her laugh and love. My daughter inherited her chin, her love of fun, and a heaping spoonful of her tenacity.

Your humble author rocking the Big Red Machine shirt in my Daddy’s arms, my grandma to my right holding my sister. (probably 1978ish)

Converse and three ring socks combination (1974)

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THIS is how a baller rolls!

Please Stand By

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Episode Three: Revenge of The OSS

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Following our fall moratorium we at The OSS are making good on another threat. The proverbial gloves are off, guerilla tactics will be utilized, gender roles will be confused. This is the last time OSS will be going public before we blend back into civilian life for the next couple of months. Those wishing to buy official OSS propaganda are encouraged to attend due to dwindling supplies. Act now or live in shame.

update: cancelled

Wilt Chamberlain for Spalding (1974)

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Ad copy reads:
“Full color posters of Rick Barry, Pistol Pete or Wilt himself. To get yours, buy a Spalding Autograph basketball, clip the Spalding name off the box and mail it to the address below with $2. (Each poster is a $5 value!) Every Autograph ball has Spalding’s durable rubber cover for a longer lasting bounce and a more natural tacky feel than any vinyl basketball made. That’s what Rick, Pete and Wilt think. Or they wouldn’t put their names on them.”

Grabbed not only for the classic Golden State Warriors uniform complete with matching wristbands, but also the incredible deshiki looking shirt and sansa belt slacks wilt is rocking. It almost looked like he was giving Rick Barry the finger rather than pointing at hist armpit.

KangaROOS Rippers advertisement (1984)

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Ah yes, KangaROOS! My all time favorite athlete, Walter Payton, represented ROOS back in the day, so I had to get white ROOS cleats for baseball and football. What’s up with that ad copy? “For men, women, kids of all kinds. For fun.” Not mentioned in the copy is that back in the day, the ROOS velcro pockets were rumored to be the ideal storage spot for cocaine and it was an urban legend that wearing ROOS was an indicator to the rest of the world that you were ‘holding”. Such was not the case at my Catholic school’s 4th grade class.

They should remake these- the hipsters of the world would eat these Rippers up!

Friday feelgood song of the week: "Just like Heaven (live)" by The Cure (1990)

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