Miss Christmas Tree 1951

Selected ‘Miss Christmas Tree of 1951’ by 40 members of the UCLA chapter, Sigma Chi fraternity, is 24-year-old Diane Dearborn. Miss Dearborn, who arrived in the United States seven weeks ago from Paris, France, is a singer. The collegians saw her picture in a newspaper, reported ‘she seemed prettier that the rest of them'”.

Miss Christmas Tree, 21 December 1951. Diane Dearborn — 24 years

Click to embiggen to appreciate the gams and fishnets.


3 Responses to “Miss Christmas Tree 1951”

  1. Holy donuts! This is my late grandmother! The thing about Paris was made up for publicity. She was actually just dutch american. I heard countless stories of her singing days.

    Where was this picture found? I have a lot of relatives that would be very interested.

  2. Mr. g dearborn Says:

    Holy do qunts ! Jeff is that U ?

    • Haha. Is this Greg? I found this last year when I decided to google nana’s name. Did you end up doing the same?

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