Lyn the Skin from Talk of the Town (1988)



In the wake of the Geraldo skinhead riot , there was a wave of me-tooism which rippled across the talk-show-o-sphere back in the day. These images are from Richard Bey’s local New York television show, People are Talking.   You might recognize Bey from his later appearance as “himself” in Bruno.  Interesting to see how slow paced the show and how reasonably eloquent the founders of SHARP are, despite the dopey questions.   The discussion is not terrifically sensational until Bey trots out the obligatory bonehead Nazi jackass – but what caught my eye was Lyn’s style.  Of course, the bemulleted Bey asks Lyn if she “makes no effort to be attractive” or keep up her appearance, but her traditional skinbyrd style is but pearls before swine. 

Here’s a link to the whole show, if you’re interested:  the comments are priceless!


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