“The Road to Nowhere” by Lee Standin

This is the quintessential description of Phoenix.

“…(T)he Interstate didn’t create the suburbs; it legitimized them.  If you live in the middle of a subdivision, you have no trouble imagining- it takes a positive act not to imagine– that America is made up entirely of suburbs, district after district of them, unfolding over the empty land like Japanese flowers.  A block of track homes, then a mall; another block, and a strip of franchises; another block, and maybe an empty field where condos are going to go.  The world has no center and no boundaries.  Everybody knows that suburban people will drive two blocks to the supermarket rather than walk unaided;  one result of this habit is that any give place seems as hard or as easy to get to as anywhere else.  A trip to a mall and a vacation in another state– there’s no qualitative difference.  When there’s nothing nearby, and nothing blocks your view, every sight line extends into infinity.”

from this, to which I was guided by Boing Boing.


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