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Edward Graham joins the Chicago Black Hawks (1930)

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“Three-quarter length portrait of Chicago Black Hawks ice hockey player Edward “Teddy” Graham standing on an ice rink in a sports arena in Chicago, Illinois, holding a hockey stick.  Secured from the Tulsa Oilers in a trade for Ralph Taylor.”

1930 was just the fourth year of the Black Hawks’ long and fabled history and their first in the brand new Chicago Stadium (1800 W. Madison)- the roars of which live on in echo at the new United Center across the street. 

That 1930s Blackhawks sweater is a real charmer!  Those “barber pole” stripes are really attractive and you can’t beat that old school ‘Hawks logo.   But how hideous are those gloves!  They look like gnarled hotdogs grafted on to oven mitts!  They must have been difficult to drop in the event of an on-ice donnybrook since they go up to the elbow.

I can’t imagine how brutal hockey was in 1930- the era before goalie masks, helmets,  or much real padding.

from the Library of Congress’s American Memory pages

Montreal Olympics t-shirt vintage advertisement (1976)

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from a Simpson’s Department Store ad in the Gazette, 1975.   That 3/4 sleeve baseball jersey shirt and zip up windbreaker are particularly fresh!

Sam McPheeters on what the economic crisis means for independent music

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What does the economic meltdown mean for subculture?

I would love to see a real thinning of the herd, and seeing less bands and less shows. That would be wonderful. I don’t think there are that many people who aren’t teenagers who really enjoy going to shows these days. There’s just too much stuff. Every large city you go to has these telephone poles covered in faded fliers that have stapled there by bands that are never going to go anywhere, by people who aren’t particularly creative, who aren’t amazing songwriters. That is a direct result of the 90’s, when this country just had too much money. I would rejoice if there was a drastic reduction of the American underground…People’s self-delusional capacity to continue in the face of economic adversity I think is much stronger. I know that because I was in that position more than once. I’ve been on some tours where everyone felt it was completely futile, but we had that feeling that our artistic integrity was on the line. I think for people younger than me are still laboring under the illusion that things matter. “

from this fantastic interview

Oldsmobile Pirate hits 54.38 mph in speed trials (1903)

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It takes nattily attired insane gentleman to navigate a vehicle like this.  Ransom Olds’ Pirate race car was a stripped down version of the best selling car of the time, the Olds Curved Dash Runabout.  Those bullet shaped noses are oil tanks. This thing just looks like a blast to drive.

Unlikely pair: George H.W. Bush and Babe Ruth (1948)

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Babe Ruth signs the manuscript copy of his autobiography, which he donated to Yale.  Ruth passed away shortly afterwards from cancer.

I never thought I’d say this, but George Bush gets it! Check out the stirrups, sanitaries and pinstripes. 

From The National Archives’ Flickr set

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The New Orleans Saints are Ain’ts No More!

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It took 42 years, but the New Orleans Saints are Ain’ts no more!  The Saints were my first favorite football team when I was kid growing up in Houma and Baton Rouge.   My dad took me to see the Saints lose to the Bengals in 1981 in a practically empty Super Dome.  Even then, it was a party.  I asked for a real Saints football helmet that year for Christmas and Santa delivered!  After banging my head against the wall a few times to scuff it up, I noticed that the gold paint actually covered a Packers helmet! 

It was practically unimaginable at 8 years old that the Saints would ever win the Super Bowl.  Back then, hardly anyone called them the Saints, they were always “the Ain’ts”- as in “they Ain’t never gonna win nothing.”  At 35 years old, this is pretty much how long I thought it would take.   New Orleans needed this and my 8 year old self rejoices. 

But I’m still a Bears fan and have been since 1983.