The New Orleans Saints are Ain’ts No More!

It took 42 years, but the New Orleans Saints are Ain’ts no more!  The Saints were my first favorite football team when I was kid growing up in Houma and Baton Rouge.   My dad took me to see the Saints lose to the Bengals in 1981 in a practically empty Super Dome.  Even then, it was a party.  I asked for a real Saints football helmet that year for Christmas and Santa delivered!  After banging my head against the wall a few times to scuff it up, I noticed that the gold paint actually covered a Packers helmet! 

It was practically unimaginable at 8 years old that the Saints would ever win the Super Bowl.  Back then, hardly anyone called them the Saints, they were always “the Ain’ts”- as in “they Ain’t never gonna win nothing.”  At 35 years old, this is pretty much how long I thought it would take.   New Orleans needed this and my 8 year old self rejoices. 

But I’m still a Bears fan and have been since 1983.

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