Corey Feldman dons an X swatch in “Dream a Little Dream” (1989)

Ah, the legendary X-rated Swatch!   The X-rated Swatch, or X Swatch, was originally released in 1987  but quickly developed a cult following amongst the Youth Crew Straightedge crowd. Through the clear lense of hindsight, it seems a bit incongruous on the wrist of noted narcotic enthusiast Master Feldman and I believe there was a rumor at the time that this ceremonious scene of the donning of the X Swatch in the Corey Squared vehicle, “Dream a Little Dream”, was Feldman’s nodding wink to signify his commitment to the XStraightedge Hardcore CommunityX.  Somehow I think not.

I’ve owned two of these in my life.     The first X Swatch I procured was bullied out of an Indian-American freshman at my high school in 1989.  I bugged him ever day to sell it to me and he finally relented for $50.    I forget exactly what the circumstances were in procuring my second X swatch, but I wore it for about 15 years straight (pun intended).   One day while delivering office supplies in my former life as a truck driver,  a door swung closed on me unexpectedly.  I reached out to stop it and the lock of said door crashed through the face of my swatch, permanently crippling it.   I later sold it on eBay to a grateful Belgian edgeman for 250something dollars.  Sell out!   There are tons of knockoffs out there, but originals now sell for in excess of $300 on eBay these days.

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