Vintage t-shirt- COME N GET IT dog food (1980s)

I just listed this awesome shirt on eBay.  Remember the commercial for this dog food?

Ferris Bueller’s dad “stars” in the commercial which I inexplicably remember- yet I cannot remember the names of people I work with 40 hours a week.


6 Responses to “Vintage t-shirt- COME N GET IT dog food (1980s)”

  1. Tracker Bill Says:

    Question: If a woman wears this “T” shirt { COME’N GET IT }when she is out alone, what is the message she is giving to EVERY MAN ( except her husband ) that sees it? Could there be any doubt as to what it means?

  2. Dave Peters Says:

    Frank: I worked at champion knitwear in 1964 in Perry New York. I started out in the print area squeeging t shirts and also the huge flocking machine. I worked my way into the Art room and learned to cut rubylith film to make screens. I also designed several shirts that they sold. I also worked in the spray room where I air aprayed the colors onto white flocked swat shirts. This was the beiginning of a good education in screen printing. Later in the 70s I had my own screen printing business Outside of DesMoines Iowa and was one of the first printers in the country to desing a printer for hats. . Now my son Jason was the manager for MBNA when they had a screen printing operation before they sold out to Bank of America. Recently he worked for the one of the largest printers in the country in Baltimore and they print all of the shirts for Walmart.

  3. Hi. I’m wondering if this shirt sold on Ebay. It’s no longer listed, so I presume it did. But thought I’d check just in case. I actually own this shirt, but mine is wearing out and I’d love another one. Would be interested in purchasing if it’s still available. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hi! Any chance this tshirt is still available? My dad used to have one and my sibs and I would love to surprise him with one!

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