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The Vikings repulsed

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The Arizona Cardinals expelled the Minnesota Norgwegian Invaders last night, as our bigs throttled Jared Allen and the rest of the vaunted Vikes pass rush.  Warner carved up the Viking’s clearly confused secondary and Brett Favre was harried on nearly every play, uncharacteristically underachieving on third down conversions.  

Really, it’s just an excuse to post this rad Vikings button from their inaugural season.  I forget from whence I grabbed that image, sorry.

I still love Elvis

Posted in American music, arizona, chicago, i am endlessly fascinating, playlist on July 11, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Elvis Presley kept me company via iPod as I sat for 13 hours in Midway Airport in Chicago trying to fly standby back to Phoenix and then the next day on my flight back the next day. It seems that I get on a heavy duty Elvis kick about once a year and can’t get enough, but then it sort of vanishes until I need the King again. The King of Rock and Roll boxset was a fine contrast to the wall-to-wall coverage of the Michael Jackson funeral on CNN that had everyone in the terminal near tears. There’s only one King for me and it ain’t the King of Pop. Well, two if you count King Diamond.

Rest in the West! (1947)

Posted in arizona, ephemera, history on December 31, 2008 by All Conference Vintage

Rock Island Lines print ad from 1947. I love the idealized image of Arizona from the Forties and Fifties. Arizona grew tremendously as a tourist destination and experienced a huge population boom after World War II, primarily with the introduction of air conditioning to the Valley of the Sun. The population of Phoenix grew 50% in the Forties.

Johnette Napolitano vs Janet Napolitano

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All of this talk of Janet Napolitano reminded me of Johnette Napolitano, the singer from Concrete Blonde. Great singer and great voice from a shitty shitty era of popular music.

By the way, Janet Napolitano is a terrible choice for Secretary of Homeland Security. During her tenure here in Arizona as Governor, she has militarized the US- Mexico border, criminally neglected to investigate thousands of deaths of human beings including children in the Sonoran Desert(aka aliens or undocumented workers), and has made a mockery of the Constitution, human rights, and fiscal responsibility by not arresting Sheriff Joke Arpaio. Not a great start for the cabinet of

New York Foundling Asylum Babies, 1905

Posted in arizona, history, New York, photography on November 4, 2008 by All Conference Vintage

from Arizona Images

“New York Foundling Asylum Babies, brought before the Territorial Supreme Court in Clifton, Arizona” (1905)

At the turn of the (last) century, New York was home to tens of thousands of orphans. Poor Gilded Age Gotham parents could give up their children to foundling hospitals and were expected to pay for room and board for their children. Once the parents inevitably ceased making payments, the “orphans” became wards of the state. The state was then free to do what they pleased to find these children homes- usually to Midwest farming communities where they were expected to work. Orphan trains placed out between 150,000 -250,000 runaway, homeless, and “orphaned” children to 47 states and Canada from 1854 to 1929 when the practice was finally banned.

“During the orphan train trip, children were accompanied by a placing agent. The trains stopped in scheduled locations. Children usually lined up in front of prospective takers on a platform or at a meeting hall. They were encouraged to look and act their best. Inspection sometimes involved poking and prodding; an attempt to ascertain their value as workers on farms or in local shops and businesses. Children that were not selected returned to the train to travel on to the another stop. “

These particular “asylum babies” were shipped out via train to Arizona territory to find loving homes in 1905.

There were no good old days.

"one cylinder Chandler automobile"

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“One cylinder Chandler auto, bought by Dr. R. M. Tafel in 1902, was second auto in Chicago Heights, Ill. Brought to Arizona in 1904 when Dr. Tafel set up a medical practice in downtown Phoenix. Was the fifth auto in Phoenix according to Mrs. Tafel.”
Please note fur coat, goggles, and snow on the ground, indicating that this photo was taken in Chicago Heights! I wonder at what point towns stopped counting the number of automobiles to careen through their thoroughfares? I found a teacher’s guide on the Phoenix Museum of History’s website that lists the date of the first automobile in Phoenix (1900) but nothing further. Hmm…another quest for information respectfully accepted.
from Arizona Images

Miami, Arizona worker’s homes (1953)

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from the same collection