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1952 Chicago White Sox scorecard cover (via ebay)

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Madonna in a dope Pittsburgh Pirates t-shirt

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I’m not at all interested in Madonna, but she does a good job filling out this righteous Pittsburgh Pirates t-shirt from the “We Are Family” era Bucs! For those uninitiated, the Pirates won the World Series in 1979. Pretty tough to beat the classic Buccos logo! The Pirates used this logo from 1968-1986.

Reason #515614 to love the White Sox: Dick Allen smoking in the dugout (1972)

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Smoking and juggling in the dugout-those were certainly different times!

I need to get this printed out to poster size because it combines many of my favorite things: Dick Allen, the red White Sox uniforms of the early 70s, and old Sports Illustrated covers. Dick looks like Pulp Fiction era Samuel L. Jackson in this shot.
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Major League Superstripes baseball caps (1978)

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Grabbed from some advertising book. Apparently the message is that you should wear these hats to casual Friday at a Midwestern accounting firm. I always wanted one of these hats in the White Sox version of course. The gentleman modeling the Sox example above looks like Venus from WKRP in Cincinnatti.

those were different times- the Philadelphia Fillies (1971)

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from the same April 19, 1971 Sports Illustrated article:

“Throughout the game considerable fan reaction was focused on the usherettes, known as the Fillies. There were 140 of them, recruited from 432 applicants after being advised by letter to wear “your shortest skirt and tightest blouse” to the interviews. The 35 Fillies officially designated as best looking were called, collectively, the Hot Pants Patrol and were attired in red hot pants. in 48 degree inauguration-day weather they were also fitted out in blue cold legs.”

Sorry about the terrible screen grab. Any more info about the Fillies would be appreciated, as I am an afficiando of gams, hot pants, and go-go boots.

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Red socks for the Chicago White Sox (1971)

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From April 19, 1971 issue of Sports Illustrated.
I dig the red and of course LOVE the stirrups!

Eddie Einhorn, Chicago White Sox vice chairman (1983)

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Grabbed from Sports Illustrated, 1983
I’ve never seen a White Sox jacket like this- perhaps Mr. Einhorn had it commissioned for himself? Eddie Einhorn, who is still part owner of the Sox, made his fortune in syndicating college basketball in the Fifties and Sixties and later became the head of CBS Sports.
I dig how the stripes echo but do not copy the horizontal stripes of the early Eighties White Sox uniforms. I’m sure this thing was 100% polyester.