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Friday feelgood song of the week: "Him or Me" by Paul Revere and the Raiders

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new cars for 1975

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Click for embiggenment. Grandma mobiles or pimp rides- you decide!
grabbed from an Amoco ad- lead free gas for 1975!

1952 Chevrolet Station Wagon

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grabbed from the NY Times

X ray comparisons of ’63 cars (1963)

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from a Rambler ad, Popular Mechanics, 1963.

Mercedes Benz 0319 Panorama

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This one is called an “Executive Coach” – LOVE that color scheme!

Gott in himmel! Is this not the most beautiful thing you’ve seen in your entire life? That rollback canvas sunroof is breaking my heart! Give me a classic car with some real character over a brand new luxury car with iPod jack and holo-DVD player any fucking day of the week. I imagine this ducky little erfahrener Reisender happily belching his way across some sunny Alpine pass with the Von Trapp family piled in the back. It seems as though these were never sold in the US, which is surprising given the popularity of the VW Microbus. Add a Mercedes Benz o319 panarama bus to my “Must Buy When I Become An Eccentric Internet Millionaire” list.

There’s a fine example for sale here. There’s a brochure for sale on Ebay but it’s in Spanish and $50 (from whence i stole the image above)

Al’s Auto Grave Yard, Cicero, IL (1950)

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Collision at stock car races, Soldier Field, Chicago, August 1950

1963 International Harvester Scout 80 pickup

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The most beautiful thing i’ve seen today.