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1952 Chicago White Sox scorecard cover (via ebay)

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original Effigies shirt on ebay

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One of my favorite Chicago punk bands. If this shirt wasn’t tiny, I would buy it at any price!

Bear down!

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This is just a random found image, but this is exactly what everyone in Chicago looked like in 1986.

Bears looked good last night, but even though I am from Chicago, I’m a lot more cautiously optimistic than average. Their secondary looked like tissue paper as Denver’s lesser tier receivers and Kyle friggin’ Orton had no problem carving them up last night.

what John Hughes’ funeral should look like

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Jeremy Roenick retires from hockey, retains his crown as most badass player in Sega Genesis NHLPA ’93

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I still love Elvis

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Elvis Presley kept me company via iPod as I sat for 13 hours in Midway Airport in Chicago trying to fly standby back to Phoenix and then the next day on my flight back the next day. It seems that I get on a heavy duty Elvis kick about once a year and can’t get enough, but then it sort of vanishes until I need the King again. The King of Rock and Roll boxset was a fine contrast to the wall-to-wall coverage of the Michael Jackson funeral on CNN that had everyone in the terminal near tears. There’s only one King for me and it ain’t the King of Pop. Well, two if you count King Diamond.

Reason #515614 to love the White Sox: Dick Allen smoking in the dugout (1972)

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Smoking and juggling in the dugout-those were certainly different times!

I need to get this printed out to poster size because it combines many of my favorite things: Dick Allen, the red White Sox uniforms of the early 70s, and old Sports Illustrated covers. Dick looks like Pulp Fiction era Samuel L. Jackson in this shot.
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