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i had a dream about Inglourious Basterds

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… I had a dream that I bought Shosanna’s (Melanie Laurent) hat from this movie on eBay. No more vanilla ice cream before bed.

Friday feelgood song of the week: Nouvelle Vague covering Depeche Mode’s "Master and Servant" on WFMU

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French pop ingenues covering alternative classics? Oui, si vous plait! Je t’aime Nouvelle Vague!

grabbed from Beware of the Blog!

Happy Bastille Day!

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Vive la France! How about a French kiss from Anna Karina?

Sylvie Vartan "Je Voudrais Etre un Garçon"

Posted in Francophilia, ye-ye on June 17, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

I don’t know much about ye-ye, but I really dig it. Sylvie’s sound has a slightly harder edge than more well known ye-ye girls such as Francoise Hardy and France Gall (who I also dig). The guitar solo on this one sounds a lot like the proto-punk garage wail of the Sonices (!) but the song writing sort of reminds me of Boyce/Hart. I actually like the crazy 60s editing and charming and disarming unvarnished emotion Sylvie displays at the end. They sure as hell don’t make them like this anymore!

Serge Gainsbourg

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It’s a little bit difficult to square my affinity for all things all American with my love for all things 1960s France. But this is my blog and I’ll make the rules here, chief.

Serge Gainsbourg got some of the most primo tail in history, despite being a dogfaced troglodyte. He was a brilliant writer, director and all around artist who parlayed (haha) this talent into scoring with some of the hottest chicks in the world, He hooked up with Anna Karina at her height and married Jane Birkin when she was 21 and he was 40. I know he was exploitative and probably not very nice, but who is? He turned into a boorish drunken lout later in life which is also not without its merits, non? Note to self: write some exceedingly catchy music, remain mysterious and brilliant and you just might score with the hottest ladies of Mod France.

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France Gall performs "Poupee de cire, poupee de son" Eurovision winner (1965)

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I’m probably the only person on Earth who listens to France Gall and Iron Maiden back to back. Absolutely nothing in common besides being catchy and produced by dern foreigners. NWOBHM and ye-ye back to back somehow works for me!

Anna Karina knows how to kiss

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