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Friday feelgood song of the week: "Him or Me" by Paul Revere and the Raiders

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Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985) exterior shots

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Establishing exterior shot of Pee Wee Herman’s house

Establishing shot of the mall from which Pee Wee’s bike is stolen.

Mario’s Magic Shop, next door to the Bookworm’s Bookshop.

Chuck’s Bike-o-Rama! I miss Woolworth’s.

109 AM where Pee Wee goes on the air to get the word out about his bike.

The night of the meeting. Every light in the house is on.
Outside of the Buxton residence. Staid appearance contrasts sharply with the fun loving and uh ecclectic appearance of Pee Wee’s yard. I’m sure the HOA loved him.

Noir-ish alley where Pee Wee is confronted by muggers. Rain and elongated shadows mock standard Noir images.

Madam Ruby’s. Pee Wee’s eyeline is used throughout the film to tell the story in a very traditional way, somewhat recalling early slapstick comedies.
Hitchhiking to the Alamo. Fence establishes bucolic scene. I love how Pee Wee adds creativity and flair to everything he does. Bindle appears out of nowhere.
The memorable and real dinosaur gas station.
“There are thousands and thousands of uses for corn, all of which I will tell you about right now!”
San Antonio bus station.
Rodeo riders’ RV park.
Phone booth deep in the heart of Texas.
Outside the Apache Bar. Fun fact: the biker babe was played by Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
Warner Brothers studios.
Pet shop fire.

The world premiere of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

Sheila the "thief" from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon

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She didn’t really steal stuff or backstab, but she did have an Elven cloak for turning invisible. Totally hot.

images grabbed from the radical Branded in the 80s blog

Friday feelgood song of the week: "One Way Love" by EG Daily (1985)

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Thought this song was called “Better Off Dead” since that’s how the chorus goes and it’s from the movie Better Off Dead (1985). EG Daily was in some heavy hitting 80s flicks in addition to Better Off Dead- try Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Valley Girl- but she was pretty selective for the most part. Then her voice over career really took off when she supplied the voice for Babe the Pig and Tommy Pickles in Rugrats.

I love her classic scene in Better Off Dead- it doesn’t get much more 80s than this. Check out this rad fan created video.

I was much more partial to Diane Franklin, who played Monique in Better Off Dead. I’ve had a gigantic crush on her since she played Karen in “The Last American Vigin” (1982- she shows her boobs in that one) No lightweight herself, Diane was in BOD, LAV, fucking Terrorvision (an awful cult classic “horror” movie) but was also in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Suspiria trading cards by Topps

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Jesus christ, follow the link to look at this. My mind is blown.

Star Wars droids speak out in favor of vaccination (1977)

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Also grabbed from the National Library of Library of Medicine site. I very vaguely remember seeing this in a doctor’s office when I was a kid.

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1952 Chevrolet Station Wagon

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grabbed from the NY Times