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Diane Lane in the Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains!

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from the mesmerizing
love me some Diane Lane!
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The Breeders "Safari"

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I know it’s not original, but I’ve always had a crush on Kim Deal and Tonya Donnelly. Pod era Breeders is so fucking good- the song writing and wall of sound just floors me every time I listen to it. This video is great! I’ve never seen it before even though I’m a huge fan. Thank Jeebus for YouTube!

Phil Spector (1958)

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Phil Spector at 18.
” Phil Spector, author of ‘To Know Him is to Love Him’, teenage ballad now sweeping the country. Phil is 18 and graduate of Fairfax High. Composes music on guitar. As member of ‘The Teddy Bears’, teenage trio, he made hit record of own song”.
Too much, too soon is the oldest song in the book.

France Gall performs "Poupee de cire, poupee de son" Eurovision winner (1965)

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I’m probably the only person on Earth who listens to France Gall and Iron Maiden back to back. Absolutely nothing in common besides being catchy and produced by dern foreigners. NWOBHM and ye-ye back to back somehow works for me!

The Shangra-las "Give Him a Great Big Kiss"

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“Leader of the Pack” was their #1 hit (November 1964), but I prefer this ripper, which I discovered through the cover version by the incomparable Johnny Thunders. This song and “The Train from Kansas City” are to be played at my funeral.
I was always more attracted to the Shangri-las because they just seemed tougher than the more polished girl groups of Motown, etc. but their image was probably bullshit staged to go along with the imagery envoked by “Leader of the Pack”. They were from Queens, though…
Mary Weiss, the smile sneering frontwoman of the Shangri-las, still plays shows in more civilized and germane parts of the world like Mallora, Spain and mostly around her hometown. (I feel myself unworthy of becoming one of her 12000+ myspace friends.)
“He’s good-bad, but not evil” would be a fitting epitaph for me as well. Grind a cigarette into my grave with a stiletto heel.

Francoise Hardy "Je T’aime"

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains!

Posted in girl groups, movies, punk rock, youth culture on June 9, 2008 by All Conference Vintage

Do you love Diane Lane and 80s faux all-girl punk rock? Shoulder dancing and daring eye makeup?

My adolescent fantasies will finally be realized on September 30 of this year when LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…THE FABULOUS STAINS finally sees the light of day on DVD, thanks to the kind folks at Rhino. My first exposure to a teenaged Ms. Lane was via USA network’s dearly departed NIGHT FLIGHT when I was 9 years old. Some kind soul posted this gem in its entirety on YouTube recently- mandatory viewing for unreformed latch key kids. Watch the first 10 minutes and I defy you to not fall in love with “Third Degree” Burns, Dee Pleted, and Dizzy Heights. A very young Laura Dern co-stars with Steve Jones and Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols. Black Randy and the Metrosquad also appear, playing in front of a giant Israeli flag for some reason. The scene when Lane’s character discovers punk rock for the first time still gives me goosebumps.