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vintage t-shirt tags

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image from Bundlelovers

I’m a vintage t-shirt fanatic so this is like pornography to me. You would be surprised how little there is on the internet or anywhere for that matter about the history of t-shirts. Yes, there are some books out there, but they are more like coffee table books rather than what i’m looking for- a hardcore guide book for the hardcore vintage freak. My bud Jimmy at Defunk’d has put together one of the most useful guides out there.
Most of the companies that produced vintage t-shirts are long gone or have been purchased by much larger companies. Even the heavy hitters like Fruit of the Loom and Hanes have next to no records of when particular tags were used or when particular model numbers were produced. The raving vintage lunatic is left to stitch together the pieces of vintage t-shirt history through old catalogs, magazines, movies, and by sharing tips with fellow travellers. This kind of stuff really appeals to the historical archivist in me, so I’ve been working on putting together a cohesive history for the past year or so. Wish me luck!

"I want to be a secretary" (Coronet, 1941)

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The good folks at offer this gem of social guidance instruction made in the veritable golden age of masturbation fantasies. One niggling complaint: some of these aspiring career ladies need much sterner discipline. Errors and inefficient typing speeds must be firmly corrected with a vigorous paddling.

You can turn my mimeograph crank anytime, babydoll.

Pent up dames as far as the leering eye can see.

must…not…stare at those gams.

Bear down!

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This is just a random found image, but this is exactly what everyone in Chicago looked like in 1986.

Bears looked good last night, but even though I am from Chicago, I’m a lot more cautiously optimistic than average. Their secondary looked like tissue paper as Denver’s lesser tier receivers and Kyle friggin’ Orton had no problem carving them up last night.

early 80s fashions, elderly Cajun style (and some Yankees)

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Ken Burns’ documentary “Huey Long” seems like an unlikely place to find great American vintage style (though Long was a dapper gentleman himself), but Burns’ 1985 documentary captures a time and place that has since disappeared- and not just the Kingfish. The folks that he interviewed had a unique style that took me back to my own childhood in Louisiana- a unique and particular style that has since vanished. The landed Southern aristocrats he interviewed looked the part, as did they journalists, historians, and Cajuns.

I haven’t been back to Louisiana much in the past years, but I suspect that the Wal-Martificiation of America has also not left Sportsman’s Paradise unscathed. The folks have long past as has a unique part of America and American history.

The ABC of Sex Education for Trainable Persons (1975)

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Watch The ABC of Sex Education for Trainable Persons (Planned Parenthood, 1975) in Educational View More Free Videos Online at

Holy shit, I’ve heard some of the audio clips from this documentary on the Howard Stern back in the day. This is fascinatingly straight forward and free of a lot of PC euphemism about being differently abled and abstinence and all of that feelgood BS.

Thanks Boing-Boing and AV Geeks!

"We Came in Peace for all Mankind" (1969)

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safety suit for aviators (1910)

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From the pages Popular Mechanics, which was a lot more badass in 1910 when the emerging science of aviation was in full flower. I like how the safety suit is accented by a crisply creased pair of dress trousers and freshly shined shoes.


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from the pages of Popular Mechanics, 1910.

incredible letterhead for The Alfred Dolge celebrated felt slippers

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I absolutely love this kind of letter head and logo. I love how the most banal necessities become “celebrated” and grandoise in translation. i can’t get enough of this stuff.

I grabbed this one from the Emergeance of Advertising collection of Duke University, but here are some other items of interest:
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Remember the Dead

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Inspired by an old country song that talked about flowers of stone on one’s grave, I searched around for funeral arts stuff. I found this creepy old pamphlet cover advertising the wares of the Goodwin Marble and Granit Works company from the late 19th century.
Click to embiggen to see the granite roses.
It seems that Accidental Mysteries is also mementoing the mori today. I guess the end of the fiscal year brings out the melancholy in us all. pfff.