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MK Ultra reunion photos

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My bud Jenn Leis has posted some artsy undt fartsy photos of the MK Ultra reunion show in Chicago earlier this month here

There is inexplicably yet another new band called MK Ultra (there are several before and after us, I guess. We received a nice cease and desist letter from John Vanderslice years ago and complied mostly) We’re not responsibly for their dumbass graffiti.

The reunion show was very successful, blah blah blah

adulescens carnifex

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The Youthful Butcher of The OSS, Carson Calamaio, as captured by Phoenix’s own Weegee, Manny Mares.

don’t transfer now!

Posted in how much art can you take? on September 24, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Dear selfish 4F asshole,
You arrogant prick. We’re up to our peckers in some Godforsaken hellhole in the South Pacific and you have the brass ones to request a fucking TRANSFER? Oh I’m so sorry that you’d prefer to work in Accounts Receivable rather than Accounts Payable. FUCK YOU! And what’s that? You’d really rather work in Des Moines than boring old Peoria? Oh I’ll weep bitter tears over you plight as I cool my heels here in sunny Bataan. I’ll just dry my tears with these bits of my buddy’s brains that sprayed all over my filthy uniform. DIE, panty waist.

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985) exterior shots

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Establishing exterior shot of Pee Wee Herman’s house

Establishing shot of the mall from which Pee Wee’s bike is stolen.

Mario’s Magic Shop, next door to the Bookworm’s Bookshop.

Chuck’s Bike-o-Rama! I miss Woolworth’s.

109 AM where Pee Wee goes on the air to get the word out about his bike.

The night of the meeting. Every light in the house is on.
Outside of the Buxton residence. Staid appearance contrasts sharply with the fun loving and uh ecclectic appearance of Pee Wee’s yard. I’m sure the HOA loved him.

Noir-ish alley where Pee Wee is confronted by muggers. Rain and elongated shadows mock standard Noir images.

Madam Ruby’s. Pee Wee’s eyeline is used throughout the film to tell the story in a very traditional way, somewhat recalling early slapstick comedies.
Hitchhiking to the Alamo. Fence establishes bucolic scene. I love how Pee Wee adds creativity and flair to everything he does. Bindle appears out of nowhere.
The memorable and real dinosaur gas station.
“There are thousands and thousands of uses for corn, all of which I will tell you about right now!”
San Antonio bus station.
Rodeo riders’ RV park.
Phone booth deep in the heart of Texas.
Outside the Apache Bar. Fun fact: the biker babe was played by Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
Warner Brothers studios.
Pet shop fire.

The world premiere of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

scott hocking photographed as Detroit crumbled

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Photographer Scoot Hocking captured these haunting and hopeful images of American capitalism’s first suicide city, Detroit, over the course of 10 years. In this humbe observer’s opinion, Detroit serves as the canary in the coalmine of what is to come for more cities in the American West. Is this the future for Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc etc?

Mika Miko

Posted in how much art can you take? on July 29, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Here are the facts:

  • If it’s hip, cool and now, chances are it sucks.
  • and I’m not going to like it.
  • Please don’t tell me what bands are good.
  • The hipster masses are worse than the regular masses.
  • Generalmente, I don’t care for poppy music. (some exceptions of course, wtf?)


  • Mika Miko can barely play their instruments and I like that
  • they actually write good songs
  • and this video is darling

The Temptation of St. Anthony by Hieronymous Bosch (c. 1505)

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Flemish religious nutcase/fucking genius Hieronymous Bosh depicts St. Anthony facing off with Old Scratch in the desert in Egypt. Lucifer’s torments of Tony took on the form of the a half-fish-half-gondola demon, tree-headed dudes mounted upon mouse demons, and a dude with a thistle for a head. Spear wielding skeletons astride flying fish, pig-faced rogues, and malicious Pekinese dogs look on mockingly as a demon queen torments the Egyptian monastic.
“The devil fought him there by afflicting him with boredom, laziness, and the phantoms of women. He overcame the devil’s snares by the power of the Lord Christ. After that, he went to one of the tombs, and he resided therein and closed the door on himself. Some of his friends used to bring him food. When the devil perceived his ascetic life and his intense worship, he was envious of him, and he beat him mercilessly, then left him unconscious. When his friends came to visit him and found him in this condition, they carried him to the church. After he somewhat recovered, he went back to the same place. The devil again resumed his war against St. Antonius, only this time the phantoms were in the form of wild beasts, wolves, lions, snakes and scorpions. They appeared as if they were about to attack him or cut him into pieces. But the saint would laugh at them scornfully and say, “If any of you have any authority over me, only one would have been sufficient to fight me.” At his saying this, they disappeared as though in smoke, for God gave him the victory over the devils. He was always singing this psalm, “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered; let those also who hate Him flee before Him.” (Psalm 68:1)

stop smoking poster (1977)

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“Concerned with the harmful effects of smoking, the World Health Organization and the Union Internationale Contre le Cancer (UICC) created this poster of a skeletal hand holding a cigarette. As an independent non-governmental organization founded in 1933, UICC objectives are to advance scientific and medical knowledge in research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer, and to promote all other aspects of the campaign against cancer throughout the world. The skeletal image in this poster, a symbol of death, is a common feature in a variety of public health campaigns against alcohol use, venereal disease, and drug abuse. The image is designed to create an association between the behavior and its ultimate consequences. In this case, the textual message contrasts with the negative connotation of the image by recommending, “Stop smoking, improve your health.” “
grabbed from United States National Library of Medicine

illustrator Fernando Vicente

Posted in how much art can you take? on July 15, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Wow, such great stuff from Spanish illustrator, Fernando Vicente. Do yourself a favor and check out his site and blog, just outstanding magic realism kind of stuff.
Steered to his work by Accidental Mysteries.

The Divine Comedy of Dante- canto XXXI (written between 1308 and 1321)

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Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven (The Empyrean); from Gustave DorĂ©’s illustrations to the Divine Comedy, Paradiso Canto 31.

“No sooner lifted I mine aspect up,
Than I perceived those primal creatures cease
Their flowery sprinkling;
and mine eyes beheld
(Yet unassured and wavering in their view)Beatrice;
she, who toward the mystic shape,
That joins two natures in one form, had turn’d:
And, even under shadow of her veil,
And parted by the verdant rill that flow’d
Between, in loveliness she seem’d as much
Her former self surpassing, as on earth
All others she surpass’d.
Remorseful goads
Shot sudden through me
Each thing else, the more
Its love had late beguiled me, now the more
Was loathsome.”