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Stereo Tote II (1983)

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Look at the size of those…speakers. Surely a less than practical way to share the Pointer Sisters whilst roller skating on the pier at Venice.

Grabbed from my addiction, Google Books, which has expended countless manhours and server space to preserve the ridiculous, such as this, to the sublime, such as long out of print and rare books. This particular gem appeared in the April 1983 issue of Orange Coast Magazine.

Teenage gang weapons (1951)

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“Teen-age gang weapons, 14 August 1951. Lieutenant R.A. Wood; rifles, blackjacks, razor blades, etc.”
I like the inclusion of cleats as a gang weapon. The above image seems to be an axe handle with razor blades embedded, real Shaolin stuff.

Lewd Art Pictures (1957)

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Assignment: Lewd art pictures collected by police… Vice officer looking through boxes of lewd pictures picked up in raid”… Kathy Walker — 19 years (secretary of the company)…”Photographer: Rustan. Date: 1957-03-10. Assignment: Pin-up photos racket. 55/56: Kathy Walker, 19. 13554 Rye St, Sherman Oaks”.

Le Sex Shoppe on Hollywood Boulevard (1977)

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“View of Le Sex Shoppe located at 5507 Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue. The storefront is completely covered with marquees and painted advertisements that read: “Books. Magazines. Film. Adult. General”; “Open 24 hrs. Books for all”; “Le Sex Shoppe”; “Adult marital aids. Novelties”; “Movie arcade .25 cents”, etc. “

William Reagh, photographer

Pirate Queen of Orange County Fair (1961)

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click to embiggen to observe these lovely pirate maidens’ smiles.

By my good eye, thar be a bevey of comely lasses! And no peglegs have they, only leagues and leagues of shapely gams!

“Velda Boyd, 18, Miss Santa Ana, chosen as Pirate Queen of Orange County Fair. Princesses to reign with her are: Karen Foster, 18, Miss Newport Harbor, and Garland L. Grimsley, 18, Miss La Habra.”

July 12, 1961

the future is in POCKET CALCULATORS! (1970)

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“SMALL CALCULATOR–Robert Anderson, president of American Rockwell Corp.,
displays a small calculator, reduced in size from the older desk-top models. The
calculator uses circuits produced by North American Rockwell Microelectronics
Co.; formerly the commercial products unit of the Autonetics Division” 1970

Wait, what calculu- oh, that GIANT HULKING MASS he’s holding in his hand! You mean that miniscule object is capable of adding and subtracting figures? Brave new world indeed. “Microelectronics” bwhahaha

“CALCULATORS, ANYONE?–Martha Jordan, left, and Mae Westbrook, owners of the Electronic Emporium in West Hollywood, which specializes in calculators, display some of the 43 models on sale in their shop. Hand-held calculators are now a $600-million-a-year business in the United States.”

September 29, 1974

Venice Beach (1930)

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I have no idea what’s going on here.
NOT from the Life archives- from the USC digital photo collection.

Phil Spector (1958)

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Phil Spector at 18.
” Phil Spector, author of ‘To Know Him is to Love Him’, teenage ballad now sweeping the country. Phil is 18 and graduate of Fairfax High. Composes music on guitar. As member of ‘The Teddy Bears’, teenage trio, he made hit record of own song”.
Too much, too soon is the oldest song in the book.

Miss Los Angeles Industrial Fair (1964)

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“Miss Los Angeles Industrial Fair being examined by the Burton Electro-Medical physiological monitor at Industrial Fair and Congress, 1964. ELECTRONIC DOCTOR-Heart beat, blood pressure and respiratory rate are transmitted to the Burton Electro-Medical physiological monitor, an example of product diversification on display at the Los Angeles Industrial Fair and Congress. Sid Ross, an executive of the Burton Mfg. Co., Van Nuys, manufacturer of the monitor, watches reaction of “patient” Judy Jones, Miss Los Angeles Industrial Fair.”
from Changing Times

Heart shaped box- Happy Valentine’s Day (1947)

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Heart-shaped box of candy, silver belt and Valentine greetings found in Eugene H. White’s blood-stained car