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Blondie "X offender" (1977)

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This is a badass, more punk rock live version of one of my favorite songs of all time.


The New York Dolls- a band you’re gonna like, whether you like it or not (1973)

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advertisement from Creem Magazine, 1973

Hippopotamus- English cigarette card puzzle (1922-1939)

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This little cigarette card puzzle came in three pieces to form this amazing image. I wonder if the head or tail was rare and an exciting discovery when you finally found it?
From the New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery of awesomely badass stuff, like this collection of cigarette cards from the W. D. and H.O. Wills company of England.

Florrie Fisher in "The Trip Back" (part 1)

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Amy Sedaris has reported in interviews that Ms. Fisher was the inspiration behind her strange and strangely loveable Jerri Blank character on Strangers with Candy.

New York Beat spot illustration from Jet Magazine (1969)

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Peep Land, Time Square, New York (1986)

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grabbed from the Life image archives (sorry, i know it’s a blog cliche (or blog pas) already.

“Porno Stores
Various pornographic stores and theaters lighting up Times Square with tacky neon lit marquees.”

Rockwood Milk Chocolate (1949)

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Grabbed from here, from a candy salesman’s (!!!!!!!) sales book. A cursory Google search reveals that Rockwood Chocolate was located in a giant New York factory and was once a major employer in Gotham. Seems like they closed down in the 60s. Arthur Slugworth probably did them in.
I wish I could credit the illustrator. Simple, concise, badass.