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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for Lee jeans brand floppy denim hats (1975)

Posted in basketball, celebrity endorsers, photography, Seventies on September 17, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

From Sports Illustrated 1975. This back when Kareem played for the Milwaukee Bucks. This was considered a cool look only by soon-to-be bald giants and the cast of What’s Happenin’. This fresh and ultra 70s Kareem in action shot accompanied the article. The Bucks really should bring back this colorway and script print. They can hold off on the religion-revealing short shorts.

West Point cadet class sweater(1936)

Posted in photography, Thirties, varsity jacket on June 21, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Reppin‘ the class of ’38. Goes great with jodhpurs.

questionable fad: Confederate flags (1952)

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A unique conglomeration of events in American history seemed to converge in the early 1950s to spur on a the Confederate flag fad. The 100th anniversary of the Civil War was just around the corner, the differences between the South and the North became more overt as segregation began to be changed in de facto and de jure ways in the early 50s (see the Jackie Robinson story of the late 40s, as well as the birth of the Civil Rights movement around that time) and white Southerners began to resist the beginning of the end of overt and socially acceptable white priviledge, and lastly rebellious teen culture just began to creep towards the mainstream from society’s fringes. There’s a Master’s thesis in there somewhere, but I’ll just leave it there.
The point is: fads seem to come out of nowhere, but they have a social cause and ignition point. These causes and igniters tell us about our society.

Hobo Band (1912)

Posted in history, photography, vanishing America, youth culture on May 14, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

University of Illinois students dress up for the hobo parade. Click for delightful embiggenment and ignore the goofy watermark.

Who the fuck is Mick Jagger? t-shirt (1975)

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Mick Jagger leans on his stylist Pierre Laroche during their American tour in 1975. They kicked off their tour in New York City by performing “Brown Sugar” on a flatbed driven down Broadway, and their stage props included a giant phallus.

Lewd Art Pictures (1957)

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Assignment: Lewd art pictures collected by police… Vice officer looking through boxes of lewd pictures picked up in raid”… Kathy Walker — 19 years (secretary of the company)…”Photographer: Rustan. Date: 1957-03-10. Assignment: Pin-up photos racket. 55/56: Kathy Walker, 19. 13554 Rye St, Sherman Oaks”.

mounted Brontosaurus skeleton (1904)

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“Museum staff mounting Brontosaurus skeleton forelimb, Department of Vertebrate Paleontology”- American Museum of Natural History