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X-men t-shirt offer (1965)

Posted in Sixties, t-shirts, youth culture on June 24, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Charles Xavier claims that “the whole country is going t-shirt wild!”

That shirt is UNCANNY! I dig the original X-Men in their original costumes. I wonder if Marvel is still at 625 Madison Ave and if they still have any of those tees somewhere?

Go-go dance craze (1964)

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“DISCOTHEQUE dancers Don Butcher and Joan Sennes show Sunset Strip night club patrons the intricacies of doing the Go-Go, the latest in dance craze.”

click to embiggen and enjoy the fringed mini-skirt, the ideal go-go dancing attire.

Britt Eklund and Peter Sellers- comic book dress

Posted in dames, gentlemen, photography, Sixties on April 7, 2009 by All Conference Vintage
photo grabbed from Sugar and Spice

I’m not real big on ladies clothing, except in a rumpled pile at the end of my bed- am I right, fellas? huh huh! But I know what I like. I’m kind of breaking my own rule about focusing only on American style since Britt was born in Stockholm (another city on my must-visit list), but this photo was too good to not pass on. Ms. Eklund in her prime made anything look good.
Gentlemen, this is even more proof that if you are outrageously funny and fabulously wealthy, you get the best dames. Keep working on those prat falls. Britt and Peter were married from 1964-1968, arguably Britt’s prime era of doability, those she was extremely hot in The Man with the Golden Gun, the ninth James Bond film which opened in 1974. Her later taste in dudes took a real plunge in the 70s, seeing how she dated Rod freaking Stewart, but she bounced back in the Eighties, marrying Slim Jim Phantom, drummer of the Stray Cats!
Anyway, cool dress and purse I guess, but it takes a world-class dame like Britt to do it justice!

Britt Eklund and Peter Sellers, 1964.

Frank Gifford, Jerry West, and Bobby Hull- Jantzen pitchmen

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6% Chemstrand Blue C Spandex
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“As Frank Gifford, in the $7 webbed belt style, says, it gives more than it gets. Jerry West wears crossed belt loop stretch, about $8. Bobby Hull is in the button tab stretch, about $6. Comfortable, tough, good-looking, and available in the colors shown on the surfboard.”

Jantzen Actionwear advertisement from the May 27, 1966 issue of Life.

The Soxettes (1969)

Posted in baseball, chicago, dames, Sixties on March 27, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

A relic of a more swingin’ age. Nothing says national pastime like a gal in go-go boots, a mini skirt and a baseball glove. The Soxettes were employed by my beloved White Sox in 1969 to serve as ushers at the Baseball Palace of the World. I need more photos of them!

Rick Barry’s 1968-69 San Francisco Warriors basketball jersey

Posted in basketball, items i didn't win, Sixties on March 26, 2009 by All Conference Vintage

Rick Barry on the cover of Sports Illustrated, 1967. The article inside is titled, “the Razor Cut idol of San Francisco”.

How beautiful is this jersey? I love the timeless logos, especially the patch above which was affixed to the shorty short shorts. How frigging incredible are those stirrups? Before you fall in love, hold on to your wallet as this complete uniform is went for over $12k.
I couldn’t find an in-action shots of the #2 all time free throw shooter rocking those stirrups.
Someone needs to print that head dress logo on a t-shirt for the rest of us.

paper dress (1967)

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“Nancy Oien, 17, models groovy paper dress for cartoonist Interlandi, whose drawing appear on dress.” Los Angeles – this day in history-March 18- 1967