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vintage t-shirt tags

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image from Bundlelovers

I’m a vintage t-shirt fanatic so this is like pornography to me. You would be surprised how little there is on the internet or anywhere for that matter about the history of t-shirts. Yes, there are some books out there, but they are more like coffee table books rather than what i’m looking for- a hardcore guide book for the hardcore vintage freak. My bud Jimmy at Defunk’d has put together one of the most useful guides out there.
Most of the companies that produced vintage t-shirts are long gone or have been purchased by much larger companies. Even the heavy hitters like Fruit of the Loom and Hanes have next to no records of when particular tags were used or when particular model numbers were produced. The raving vintage lunatic is left to stitch together the pieces of vintage t-shirt history through old catalogs, magazines, movies, and by sharing tips with fellow travellers. This kind of stuff really appeals to the historical archivist in me, so I’ve been working on putting together a cohesive history for the past year or so. Wish me luck!

May and Halas Sporting Goods

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Amazing tag, cribbed from Uniwatch, my new favorite blog. “About that May & Halas tag, Papa Bear actually ran a team-supply sporting goods store in Chicago. They sold uniforms by Wilson and King-O’Shea, a Wilson subsidiary. The Bears used Wilson or K-OS uniforms right up until the NFL decided to go with a single manufacturer. At one time Halas had his office at the store — in this book, Lamar Hunt mentions that he (Hunt) visited Chicago for a meeting with Halas “at his sporting goods store.”

Now I have to figure out where that was. Another research product. I’m definitely stealing some design elements from this one for my own use.

from this auction I did not win: 1950s Chicago Bears team jacket

Check out this beaut.
I would wear this every single day of my life including 120 degree days here in Phoenix and wear it to bed every night! Can anyone spare $1300?