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Stereo Tote II (1983)

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Look at the size of those…speakers. Surely a less than practical way to share the Pointer Sisters whilst roller skating on the pier at Venice.

Grabbed from my addiction, Google Books, which has expended countless manhours and server space to preserve the ridiculous, such as this, to the sublime, such as long out of print and rare books. This particular gem appeared in the April 1983 issue of Orange Coast Magazine.

"We Came in Peace for all Mankind" (1969)

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Dr. William H. Cosby for Texas Instruments computers (1983)

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Grabbed from Sports Illustrated or something. I love the serious Cos.

vintage ad: Commodore computers (1983)

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click for embiggenment.

ahhh, Compu Serve! My first girlfriend’s father was hooked on CS back in the early 90s. Great times were had there reading about Star Wars trivia and buying figures “on-line” for “little green things” since

Interesting that Commodore’s anonymous ad copywriter crows about the costs for access to the boring world of early “telecomputing”, but $300 on top of the already pricey for the time Commodore must have seemed pretty daunting. There wasn’t even any porn! Thank God for our brave computing pioneers whose tireless work lead to the world class porn delivery system that is the Global Information Superhighway today.

time machine

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Army medical chart illustrating where to amputate a leg (1919)

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Truly terrifying- we’ve certainly come a long way in terms of medical science.


On a tangential note, love that hand lettering.

the future is in POCKET CALCULATORS! (1970)

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“SMALL CALCULATOR–Robert Anderson, president of American Rockwell Corp.,
displays a small calculator, reduced in size from the older desk-top models. The
calculator uses circuits produced by North American Rockwell Microelectronics
Co.; formerly the commercial products unit of the Autonetics Division” 1970

Wait, what calculu- oh, that GIANT HULKING MASS he’s holding in his hand! You mean that miniscule object is capable of adding and subtracting figures? Brave new world indeed. “Microelectronics” bwhahaha

“CALCULATORS, ANYONE?–Martha Jordan, left, and Mae Westbrook, owners of the Electronic Emporium in West Hollywood, which specializes in calculators, display some of the 43 models on sale in their shop. Hand-held calculators are now a $600-million-a-year business in the United States.”

September 29, 1974