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The OSS Punks on the New Times facespace blogospheres and Tweeterings

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“Opening up the night was a great new punk band in the Phoenix music scene. The OSS Punks featuring Select Shows promoter Joshua Rodriguez as well as several heavy-hitters such as Dirty Dan from George Moshington and John Q, kept the crowd warm and toasty with their simply composed yet intricately catchy guitar riffs. Lead vocalist Frank Hanney delivered powerfully as the growing crowd provided evidence that this band has got some serious attention coming their way. Highly entertaining and refreshingly ambitious, OSS Punks definitely helped set the tone for the night”

one correction: we are not ambitious

Composite portraits showing "features common among men convicted of crimes of violence," by Francis Galton, with original photographs (1885)

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click to embiggen from here. Scary scary stuff.

haiku for the ladies at work who eat fast food every single fucking day

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a bulging pantsuit

black lungs and clogged arteries

thank you, now drive through

spent 8 bucks for lunch

and you wonder why you’re broke

big mac, diet coke

some days it’s Wendy’s

others it’s Panda Express

beef grease on your blouse

a haiku entitled "Untitled"

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how i hate hipsters
the 80s sucked the first time
new wave jazzercise

ironic mustache
pursed lips in your profile pose
Dad buys your cocaine

flourescent fanny pack
private school education
waiting tables soon

Nicholas Klein on how movements work (1919)

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Haymarket memorial, Forest Home cemetary, Chicago

“and my friends, in this story you have a history of this entire movement. First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.”
-address of Nicholas Klein, author of “The Socialist Primer: A book of first lessons for little ones” to the Biennial Convention of Amalgamated Clothing workers of America, 1919. Later swiped by Mahatma Gandhi
-steered here by this.

Television relaxes me

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Stop thinking so goddamn much and watch some television.