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1952 Chicago White Sox scorecard cover (via ebay)

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Marilyn Monroe with the Chicago White Sox (1951)

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Marilyn Monroe with Joe Dobson, Edward Erautt, and Gus Zernial or the Chicago White Sox during a 1951 publicity shoot.
wowie wow wow wow wow! So much to dig about this and so many tags! How beautiful was Norma Jeane?

Comiskey Park, opening day, 1954

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Better a day late than never, especially when it’s for a WHITE SOX WINNER! Go Sox!

Barack Obama: First Fan and starting lefthanded pitcher

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Obama has won my vote

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When Barack Obama was asked if he preferred the White Sox or Cubs, our future President declared,

“Oh that’s easy, White Sox. I’m not one of those fair weather fans. The Cubs, they’re nice, you go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer, the beautiful people out there, people aren’t watching the game. It’s not serious. White Sox; that’s baseball.”

reason #423542 to hate the Cubs and their fans

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Boy named after ballpark to throw first pitch
Associated Press

CHICAGO – Even years before 7-year-old Wrigley was born, his father Jerry Fields says he’d already decided what he’d do. Coming from a family of Cubs fans and with his particular last name, he decided to name his first son after the Friendly Confines. (gag- ed.) Little Wrigley Fields of Lockport will meet his destiny on August 29th at a Cubs’ home game against the Philadelphia Phillies when he’ll throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field. His mother Kathy says she mentioned Wrigley’s name in front of a former Cubs official, who promised her Wrigley would get to throw out the first pitch. Kathy says when Jerry first told her he wanted to name his first son Wrigley, she initially thought he was joking. But Jerry later stood firm when they found out they were having a boy.

Luis Aparicio

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Leadoff hitter for the 1959 Chicago White Sox, known as the Go-Go Sox. As soon as the sure-hitting Luis would get on base, Comiskey Park fans would start chanting, “Go go go go go” to encourage Aparicio to steal second, which he did at a frightening clip.

Aparicio holds the all time Major League record for number of games played at shortstop, double plays, and assists and the AL records for putouts and total chances.and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1984.

He was also a pitchman for Gillette razors.