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Senator John McCain says, “Complete the danged fence”

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Sorry to get political.

This is either the most cynical political ad in world history or we live in an increasingly baffled and terrified country.  Sheriff  Babeu is “my” county’s sheriff (PS Pinal County is about 100 miles from the border and Babeu won his title mainly on the platform of banning speed cameras and cracking down on “illegals”) and John McCain is “my” Senator.   These gentlemen think that walling off the country is the answer.   I do not.   For every 10 foot wall, there’s an 11 foot ladder.

Not everyone in Arizona is an asshole

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Chicago is my hometown, but I have lived in Arizona for 5+ years now.  I vote,  I petitioned the honorable Gov’nor Brewer to kindly fuck off and veto SB1070.   Alas, the yokels have taken the day- for now.   Frau Brewer’s favorability rating actually went up in the wake of this ridiculous and obviously unconstitutional development. 

Boycotting Arizona is not the answer.   Economically strangling an already struggling part of the country is not the answer.  Mocking Arizona is easy- hell,  I do it all the time!  But some of us have to live here and not everyone in Arizona is a racist asshole.

For the record, I am in favor of fair immigration policies for all people.  I am against the militarization of the border.  I am in favor of documenting everyone who wants to work here in the Unites States- holding open the gate for law-abiding citizens and keeping out the crooks.   Guest workers should be welcomed and taxed.   Fundamental human rights dictate and  I am in favor of all people having access to public facilities, hospitals, the streets at night, schools, immunizations, etc   I believe that borders are arbitrary designations.

Kurt Warner retires

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The Arizona Cardinal’s quarterback Kurt Warner announced his retirement today.   Thank you Captain Kurt for putting the Chicago St. Louis Phoenix Arizona Cardinals back on the NFL map!

The Vikings repulsed

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The Arizona Cardinals expelled the Minnesota Norgwegian Invaders last night, as our bigs throttled Jared Allen and the rest of the vaunted Vikes pass rush.  Warner carved up the Viking’s clearly confused secondary and Brett Favre was harried on nearly every play, uncharacteristically underachieving on third down conversions.  

Really, it’s just an excuse to post this rad Vikings button from their inaugural season.  I forget from whence I grabbed that image, sorry.