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Chicago Bears- Black and Blues Brothers poster (1985)

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1963 Chicago Bears media guide

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(via eBay and out of my price range)

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Edward Graham joins the Chicago Black Hawks (1930)

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“Three-quarter length portrait of Chicago Black Hawks ice hockey player Edward “Teddy” Graham standing on an ice rink in a sports arena in Chicago, Illinois, holding a hockey stick.  Secured from the Tulsa Oilers in a trade for Ralph Taylor.”

1930 was just the fourth year of the Black Hawks’ long and fabled history and their first in the brand new Chicago Stadium (1800 W. Madison)- the roars of which live on in echo at the new United Center across the street. 

That 1930s Blackhawks sweater is a real charmer!  Those “barber pole” stripes are really attractive and you can’t beat that old school ‘Hawks logo.   But how hideous are those gloves!  They look like gnarled hotdogs grafted on to oven mitts!  They must have been difficult to drop in the event of an on-ice donnybrook since they go up to the elbow.

I can’t imagine how brutal hockey was in 1930- the era before goalie masks, helmets,  or much real padding.

from the Library of Congress’s American Memory pages

on ebay: Season’s Greetings from the Chicago Blackhawks (1948)

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This eBay auction offers a vintage Chicago Blackhawks Christmas card, dating back to 1948- possibly signed in pure Palmer method handwriting by Robert “Red” Hamill.  Very cool!

Michael Jordan at Castles and Coasters, Phoenix (1984)

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Michael Jordan enjoying Castles and Coasters in Phoenix.  This place is still around- my guess is MJ had no problem passing the “you must be this height to ride this” bar.   You can probably ride this same cart, since there’s no way in Hell they have bought new ones since then.   I’ll have to check it out.